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Author (*) Edition (*) Title (*) Toole Stott # (*) Date (*) Location (*) Contents (*)  
Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy. 176 1871 c. LC View
Conjuror Unmasked (The), or The Magical Mirror; containing all that is Curious, Pleasing, Entertaining and Comical; 182 1795 RW, JHG View
Conjuror Unmasked (The), or The Magical Mirror;... 183 1811 c. NNWH View
Conjuror Unmasked (The), Or the Whole Art and Mystery of Slight of Hand, Tricks and Deceptions, Explained, as Performed by Ingleby, Jonas,.... 184 1824 HAS View
Conjuror's Magazine (The) 179 1792-94 BM, HAS, NNWH, MC, GUL, TMC, HPL, JHG, LC, RW, EAD View
Conjuror's Repository (The) ; or, The Whole Art and Mystery of Magic Displayed. 180 1803 LC, HPL, TMC, BM, LC View
Conjuror's Repository (The) ; or, The Whole Art and Mystery of Magic Displayed. 181 1805 c. LC, HPL, PN, JBF, GUL, RW, MC, HAS, JHG, NY View
Dick's One Hundred Amusements for Evening Parties, Picnics and Social Gatherings 244 1873 HAS, HPL View
Emperor of Conjurors Exploded (The) 252 1815 JBF View
Encyclopedia; or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences... 254 1798 JBF View
Encylopedia Britannica 253 1810 TMC View
Endless Amusement (the). New Series 268 1837 NNWH View
Endless Amusement for Youth 269 1840 NNWH View
Endless Amusement...Fifth Edition 261 1830 HPL, JHG, EAD View
Endless Amusement...From the Seventh London Edition. 266 1847 LC, MC, HAS, EAD View
Endless Amusement...Including...All the popular tricks and changes of the cards... 267 1853 MC, HAS View
Endless Amusement...Second Edition with considerable alterations... 257 1821 HAS, JHG, MC View
Endless Amusement...Sixth edition 263 1834 JHG, TMC, EAD View
Endless Amusement...The Largest Collection ever heretofore Published, ... 264 1835 HPL, HAS, JBF View
Endless Amusement...The Seventh Edition 265 1839 HAS, JHG, JBF View
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