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View Clear The Decks  52 Plus Joker  Ontario, Canada  v.3#2, v.4#2-4, v.5#1,4, v.6#1; v.8#1,3,4; v.9#1,2; v.15#2,4; v.16#1,2  v.1,2; v.3#1,3,4; v.4#1; v.5#2,3; v.6#2-4; v.7; v.8#2; v.9#3,4; v.10-14; v.15#1,3; v.16#3+    No  No  1986 ca.  ongoing 
View Maddock's Magic Searchlight  A.H. Maddock  Glasgow, Scotland  Vol.1 #1-6    complete  No  No  3475  Oct. 1919  Marchh 1920 
View Magic : The Magazine of Wonder  A.M. Wilson  Kansas City, MO  Vol.2#6  Vol.#1-5, Vol.2#7-12, Vol.3#13    No  No  3870  Jan. 1910  April 1911 
View Mr. Gadfly  Aaron Smith  Tulsa, OK  v.1#1,3,4; v.2#1  v.1#2; v.2#2+?    No  No  May-June 2001  ongoing 
View Modus Pocus  Allen Martin  Baton Rouge, LA  Nov.1989, Dec.1990, July 1992 uly 1992    complete  No  No  49251  Nov. 1989  July 1992 
View Ollapodrida  Alton Sharpe  Beverly Hills, CA  No. 1-3,5-21, Bonus#1, Dec. 1991 Special  No.4    No  No  5380  May 1983  ongoing 
View Magicians Yearbook, The  Anthony Owen  London, England  1996,1997,1998  1999-2003?    No  No  1996  ongoing? 
View Dungeon  Anthony Owen  Wolverton, Milton Keynes, England  No. 1-8,10  No.9    No  No  20305  Aug. 1993  Nov. 1995 
View Felsman's Magical Review  Arthur P. Felsman  Chicago, IL  v.1#1-12; v.2#1-10; v.3#1    1 book  No  Yes  2205  Oct. 1919  n.d. (1924) 
View Journal des Prestidigitateurs Passez Muscade  Auguste Drioux  Lyon, France  #21,26-28,33,34,36-56  #1-20,22-25,29-32,35    No  No  1916  1929 ca. 
View Magick  Bascom Jones, Jr.  Laguna Beach, CA  No.1-453  No. 454-497  binders  No  No  4550  Jul. 17, 1970  1994 
View Bill Goldman's Magic Bar and Grill  Bill Goldman  Clarendon Hills, IL  No.1-8    complete  No  No  13255  Oct. 1995  n.d. (2000 ca.) 
View Sorcerer's Eyes, The  Bob Long  Davenport, Iowa  No. 1-36 (v.2#2 is #24)    complete  No  No  6365  Aug. 1976  1981 
View Voice from the Attic, The  Bruce Dunn  Kalamazoo, MI  No. 1-43    complete  No  No  7005  Jan. 1982  May 1983 
View Notes on the Attic  Bruce Dunn  Kalamazoo, MI  No.1-27, Index    complete  No  No  7005A  March 1982  July 1984 
View N.C.A. Digest, The  Charles Hagen  New York City  Vol.1#1-12; Vol.2#1&2(Aug./Sept.),3-5(Oct.-Dec.)    complete  No  No  5050  Aug. 1920  Oct./Dec. 1921 
View N.C.A. Recorder, The  Charles Hagen  New York City  July 1913, Oct-Dec.1913  v.1#2,3; 2 other no# private publications    No  No  5055  July 1913  1914 
View American Magician, The  Charles J. Hagen  New York  Vol.2#1-12; Vol.3#1-8  Vol.4#1-7    No  No  1135  April 1910  Sept. 1912 
View Boy Magician, The  Charles J. Hagen  New York  Vol. 1#2-12  Vol.1#1  renamed "The American Magician"  No  No  1365  April 1909  March 1910 
View M-U-M  Charles Roltare  New York City  various singles v.1-16 (see list)  v.1#1-3,5-12; v.2#1,6,7,9-12; v.3#33; v.14#136  many dups.  No  No  3430  Oct. 1911  Jul. 1927 
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