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View Magie  Erich Tauer  Berlin, Germany  various issues v.2-73 (see list); v.84#1  see list  v.16-18 bound  No  No  1911 ca.  ongoing 
View Mr. Gadfly  Aaron Smith  Tulsa, OK  v.1#1,3,4; v.2#1  v.1#2; v.2#2+?    No  No  May-June 2001  ongoing 
View Half-Baked  Ryan Pilling  Calgary, Alberta, Canada  No. 1-6    complete  No  No  July 2000  Oct. 2001 
View Magicians Yearbook, The  Anthony Owen  London, England  1996,1997,1998  1999-2003?    No  No  1996  ongoing? 
View Illusions Magazine  Lance Pierce  Oklahoma City, OK  No. 1-5      No  No  Winter 1996  ongoing? 
View Juggle  Stan Allen  Las Vegas, NV  v.1 #7  v.1#1-6, 8+    No  No  July/Aug. 1998  ongoing 
View Illusionniste, L'  Maison Caroly  Paris  No.37 - No.72    1 book  No  Yes  1902  ongoing? 
View Arcane  L'Amicale Robert-Houdin De Lyon  Lyon, France  No. 72    Daniel Rhod  No  No     
View Journal des Prestidigitateurs Passez Muscade  Auguste Drioux  Lyon, France  #21,26-28,33,34,36-56  #1-20,22-25,29-32,35    No  No  1916  1929 ca. 
View Chicago Playing Card Collectors  CPCC  Chicago, IL  Fall 1992, v.46#3,4; v.47#1,2,4; v.48#1-3; v.49#1  all others    No  No    ongoing 
View Ron Bauer's Private Studies  E-GADS  Rochester, MI  No. 1-3,5,6,8,11,12,14,15,18  No. 4,7,9,10,13,16,17  second editions  No  No     
View Cartier Art Magazine  Franco Cologni  Milan, Italy  No. 4,5  No. 1-3,6+    No  No  2001  ongoing 
View Skeptic  Michael Shermer  Altadena, CA  Vol.9#2,4; Vol.10#1-3  Vol.1-8; Vol.9#3    No  No  Spring 1992  ongoing 
View English Playing Card Society Newsletter, The  Neil Darbyshire  Blackpool, England  Vol.19 No.70,72; Vol.20#73,74  Vol.1-18; Vol.19#71; Vol.20#75+    No  No     
View Backwash  Marc Hartzman  Hoboken, NJ  No.15 (titled 'American Backwash')  No. 1-14, 16+  Johnny Fox  No  No  Summer 1995  ongoing 
View Blackjack Forum  RGE Publishing  Oakland, CA  Vol. 15 No. 2  Vol. 1-14; Vol.15#1,3+?    No  No  1981  2003/04 
View Antique Radio Classified  John V. Terrey  Carlisle, MA  Vol. 14 No. 3,5,6      No  No     
View Ron Bauer's Private Studies  Magic By Mail  Taylor, MI  No. 1-9  No. 10+  review copies  No  No     
View Illusionniste, L'  Maison Caroly/Jules Dhotel  Paris  No.1-12, No.13-24, No.25-36, No.37-48, 232, 238, 241.      No  No  1902  ongoing? 
View Clear The Decks  52 Plus Joker  Ontario, Canada  v.3#2, v.4#2-4, v.5#1,4, v.6#1; v.8#1,3,4; v.9#1,2; v.15#2,4; v.16#1,2  v.1,2; v.3#1,3,4; v.4#1; v.5#2,3; v.6#2-4; v.7; v.8#2; v.9#3,4; v.10-14; v.15#1,3; v.16#3+    No  No  1986 ca.  ongoing 
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