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This database searches the Ford Rogers collection of insrtuction sheets formerly of Egyptian Hall and now at the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Our other database "New Instruction Sheets" searches all of these records and our other collections of sheets.

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Cards Flying Aces
Cards Ghost Writes
Cards Giant Card Transposition
Cards Golden Spider Web Illusion
Cards Great Poker Trick
Cards Illustrated Fairy Tale
Cards Indetecto
Cards Latest "Dice and Card Effect"
Cards Long Distance Mind Readin
Cards Mae West--The Card Trick Supreme (Come Up and See Me, Sometime)
Cards Magician's Pack of Cards [and other instructions]
Cards Mailing Pack Card Trick
Cards Master Card Location
Cards Mind Reading by Telephone
Cards Mind Reading Trick
Cards Mysterious Card Trick
Cards Nearest Thing to Genuine Mindreading with Cards
Cards New Card and Candle
Cards New Method of Pocket-to-Pocket Experiment
Cards Photographic Card
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