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This database searches the Ford Rogers collection of insrtuction sheets formerly of Egyptian Hall and now at the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Our other database "New Instruction Sheets" searches all of these records and our other collections of sheets.

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Spirit Ghostly Music: Spiritualistic Trick
Spirit Latest Table Lifting Trick
Spirit New O.K. Spirit Picture
Spirit Phantom Papers
Spirit Spirit Paintings
Spirit Spooky Light
Spirit Talking Tea Kettle (#1061)
Stunts Broom Test #2
Stunts Sharpshooting Act
Unsorted Beaut Silk Vanish
Unsorted Believe it or Not Vanish
Unsorted Burning Cone of Water
Unsorted Card Gallows
Unsorted Cards to Pocket--New Idea
Unsorted Chago Chips
Unsorted Challenge Egg Bag
Unsorted Coin on String (No. 301)
Unsorted Deception
Unsorted Devil's Tears
Unsorted Double Climax Speller
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