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This database searches the Ford Rogers collection of insrtuction sheets formerly of Egyptian Hall and now at the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Our other database "New Instruction Sheets" searches all of these records and our other collections of sheets.

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Paper Trouble Wit Routine
Platform Candle Production from the Pocket (The Lightning Artist)
Platform Crime
Platform From the Page
Platform Gold Brand Magical Secrets: Flying Jar of Water
Platform Great Thumb Tie
Platform Hat Load Par Excellance (The Lightning Artist)
Platform Haunted Oriental Tube Mystery
Platform Pistol Tube
Platform Red and White Box Mystery
Platform To Paint an Oil Painting on Plain Paper in a Few Minutes (The Lightning Artist)
Platform Utility Tube
Platform Vanishing Bowl of Water
Platform Watch, Rabbit, and Nest of Boxes
Pocket Ad-Here-O
Pocket Boomerang Illusion
Pocket Color Changing Knife
Pocket Color Touch
Pocket Hava Cuppa
Pocket Magic Nut
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