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This database searches the Ford Rogers collection of insrtuction sheets formerly of Egyptian Hall and now at the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Our other database "New Instruction Sheets" searches all of these records and our other collections of sheets.

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Livestock Plen. Productions of 24 Doves
Matches Wonder Match Box
Mental A Practical Living and Dead Test
Mental Acme Spirit Test--Living and Dead
Mental Billet Reading for Home Séance: One of the Original Cagliostro Mysteries
Mental Dr. "Q's" Mysterious Want Ad Test
Mental Famous Mindreading Act
Mental Karmos
Mental Kirron Single Sitting Test
Mental Letter-Writing A.D. 2929
Mental Mentalism De Luxe
Mental Mephisto Billet Reading Test
Mental Perfect Book Test
Mental Perfect Mind Reading Act
Mental Quick and the Dead
Mental Super-Mentality
Mental Untitled ("They say there is 'nothing new under the sun' when it comes to slate effects…")
Mental What is It??
Miscellaneous Balancing Feat
Miscellaneous Biting Nails in Two
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