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This database searches the Ford Rogers collection of insrtuction sheets formerly of Egyptian Hall and now at the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

Our other database "New Instruction Sheets" searches all of these records and our other collections of sheets.

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Unsorted Wand Er
Miscellaneous Mesmerized Walking Stick
Miscellaneous Straight Jacket Escape
Eggs Egg and Ring Cup
Miscellaneous Vault and Safe Escape
Eggs Performa-Art Egg Skin
Miscellaneous Chinese Bottle Trick
Unsorted Spectre Vanish
Unsorted Untitled (Lay Cards face up, one at a time…)
Unsorted Miracle Move
Unsorted Fadeaway--A One Hand Vanish
Unsorted Startler Vanish
Unsorted Chago Chips
Miscellaneous Enchanted Rooster
Liquid Perfect Water to Ice Effect
Unsorted Believe it or Not Vanish
Unsorted Burning Cone of Water
Miscellaneous Spirit Message in Letters of Blood
Coins Klunk, the Sucker Coin Box
Coins Dime and Penny Trick
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